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  • Finger Keeper Front - The Finger Keeper device prevents finger trapping accidents by totally covering the gap that is created on the hinge side of a door when it is in the open position.
  • Finger Keeper Rear - Use Finger Keeper Rear in conjunction with Finger Keeper Front and make your doors 100% safe!
  • Finger Guardian Front - Finger Guardian is a door hinge safety system that has been designed to prevent entrapment of fingers in the hinge gap of a door in the most demanding environments.
  • Finger Guardian is a door hinge safety system that has been designed to prevent entrapment of fingers in the hinge gap of a door in the most demanding environments...
  • Finger Keeper Industrial
  • Finger Defender
  • Finger Protecta is a high quality, resilient blind that prevents fingers from entering the cavity formed between the edge of the door and the door frame by means of an inflammable blind, which opens and closes with the action of the door.
  • AluSlide Aluminum Finger Guard - With a greater impact resistance than plastic based guards, AluSlide Aluminum Finger Guards are suited for severe duty environments such as schools and hospitals.
  • Corner Guard
  • Industrial Corner Guard
  • Corner Guard Clear
  • Hinge Rear Guards

Protect Your Child’s Fingers

Child SmileIt doesn’t take much, as simple as a misplaced finger, or a momentary lapse in judgement. It can be caused by someone else’s careless mistake, or even one of our own. Door related injuries happen in a matter of seconds and safety is often neglected until an accident occurs. Stay safe with FingerguardUSA.

FingerguardUSA offers a wide variety of door safety guards for almost any application such as Daycare Centers, Hospitals, Restaurants, Schools, Churches and Homes.

keep your kids safe

About Safety

How often do we think of a door as a danger to personal safety and a potential source of serious injury of how being unaware of this hazard could even be a threat to the very survival of a small business?

National Case Study

This is the first study to provide national estimates of pediatric door-related injuries in the United States. Data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System were analyzed for patients ages 17 years and younger who were treated in US emergency departments for a door-related injury from 1999 to 2008.


The largest cause of childhood finger amputations are door-related injuries

Of all Childhood amputations, the fingers are most at risk for surgical removal, according to study findings by researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, and published in the Journal of Trauma. For the study, U.S. researchers reviewed data showing all pediatric amputations involving kids age 17 and younger in 2003.


Superior Quality & Large Color Selection

The range of finger guards that we supply takes into account considerations beyond basic door safety, such as exact color matching to decor, door construction materials, door hinge type and suitability for automated doors. Some models in the finger guard range also take account of draught proofing and fire protection requirements. There is even an infection control version to help prevent the spread of MRSA, Salmonella and other bacterial infections.

We have budget priced products for doors considered to be low risk and/or with low traffic and top of the range products for heavily trafficked and/or ‘prestigious’ areas of a building, such as automated front doors.